Creepy Pest Control Horror Stories for Nipomo

By Kevin O'Connor on Sep 25, 2019 at 01:06 PM in Nipomo Pest Control

Some Good Creepy Horror Stories with Common Nipomo Pests Front and Center!

Creepy Pest Control Horror Stories for Nipomo

We decided to take a look around online and see what kinds of creepy pest control stories we could find. There's just something about a good pest horror story! We liked this one from FamilyHandyman that chronicles:

  • So many mice they moved into the homeowner's bed
  • Cockroaches raining from the ceiling
  • Fire ants getting a free dinner on someone on pain meds after surgery
  • Bed bugs massing and crawling up bedroom walls

If you like gothic horror stories, you'll love this compilation of creepy pest stories from the internet!

(The Roach House Burn video is mind-boggling -- okay, not for us, but for the average viewer!)

We also enjoyed this interview in with an exterminator who works in Brooklyn NY -- it is humorous, with some stunning behind-the-scenes observations about humans and their acceptance levels for pests, and includes these questions:

  • What’s the worst job you’ve gone on?
  • The guy had buckets of water around his bed?
  • Have you ever had to treat any fancy clients that people wouldn’t ordinarily expect to have bedbugs?

Check this article out for an exterminator's-eye-view of his work and his clients!

If the article on bedbugs gives you the horror heebie-jeebies about bedbugs, check out their link to the The Bedbug Registry. Since bedbugs feed on you and can tag along with you unnoticed, infecting your home when you return, you might want to use the registry when you plan to visit somewhere that is struggling with bedbugs (say, New York City!) and check out this database that "is a free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada." We're planning a trip to the Big Apple and will definitely plug our hotel choices into this registry before booking a room!

Finally, we enjoyed this article on Buzz Feed: 24 Pest Horror Stories That Will Make You Say, "Oh Hell No". Just a whole bunch of testimonials about pests being more than usually invasive and creepy. Read and enjoy! Or shiver!

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