Rodent Inspection Skills for Nipomo Residents

By Kevin O'Connor on Dec 10, 2018 at 01:49 PM in Nipomo Pest Control, Nipomo Rodent Control

At O'Connor Pest in Nipomo, we know just how adaptable and smart rodents are -- and we know that we have to keep alert and vigilant as we monitor rodent presence and behavioral patterns. Each of our Nipomo clients presents us with a unique pest situation and we pride ourselves on effectively predicting and preventing future rodent damage before it occurs.

How do we identify, assess and predict potential rodent damage?

Here are some practices we employ to determine rodent presence and habits -- take a look around your residence and assess whether rodents might be living too close for comfort:

#1: Identify Potential Rodent Shelter 

Rodent Inspection Skills for Nipomo Residents
Clearly Defined Rat Sebum Trails
  • Compost Heaps
  • Stacks of firewood
  • Bushes and shrubs near residence
  • Piles of brush from fire clearing

#2: Identify Potential Entry Points to your House

  • Holes near cabinets, closets, underneath sinks
  • Cracks in your house's foundation
  • Holes near windows or in screens
  • Missing screens and vent covers
  • Vines and trellises on exterior walls

Depending on their age, rats can crawl thorugh openings as narrow as 1/2." Seal what you can with sturdy wire mesh.

#3: Identify Potential Rodent Food Sources

  • Outdoor Pet Food Bowls
  • Open trash containers or trash kept outdoors in (gnawable) plastic bags
  • Compost heaps (especially attractive if you compost leftover food)
  • Bags of rice and grain that are open or can be chewed through
  • Bags of bird seed; seed piling up beneath a bird feeder
  • Rotting fruit fall beneath fruit trees

#4: Identify Rat Sebum Trails

  • Rats leave an oily trail of skin oil and marking scents that other rats can "read" and follow from a point of entry to a food source
  • Rats always follow estableihed trails, which present as smudged looking lines, or a clearing through a dusty or cobwebby area
  • The more pronounced a trail is, the more significant the rodent presence is

If you suspect that your residence might encourage rodents to move in, take what measures you can to remove potential points of entry to your home, potential outdoor food sources and shelter. If you are pretty sure rodents are already chewing and defecating their way into your home, call your local pest control expert for help.

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